Elle's January Wellness Essentials


 Happy New Year! 

Whether or not for you January and a new year means a bucket load of resolutions and a transformation or 'hide until it's over', these are my go to wellness essentials for this month. 

All are simple, easy to adopt habit creators which can fit into busy lives... no overhauls needed. 

Suri toothbrush  My favourite thing about this electric toothbrush (apart from being matcha coloured and sustainable) is that it has a magnet which attaches to your mirror and it is GENIUS - no more gunky grossness on your toothbrush stand.

Mind Ya Matcha January wouldn’t be January without a daily matcha. If you’re matcha curious, try our Mind Ya Matcha in our February Matcha Challenge coming soon… we think we’ll convert you.

Stanley cup - Need to drink more water? Make it so that the cup is so big you can’t forget it. I drink a lot of sparkling water, often out of plastic bottles so I am trying to make this small change too.

Lulu lemon leggings Lived in the aligns in pregnancy, now need a bit more sucking in (IYKYK)… these are the leggings I will dig out of the laundry pile to wear again.

Body brush Summer skin is made in Winter! So get rid of that Winter dry skin with a gentle exfoliation whilst also some DIY lymphatic drainage and debloating. 


Opal App - If you’re concerned about your screentime or intrigued by how much you are using your phone and on what - then get this app it is utterly life changing and uncomfortably eye opening. And if you are worried you don’t actually want to know - I picked up my phone 166 times yesterday and spent 3 hours on whatsapp so hopefully that makes you feel better. 

Form Nutrition Plant based protein powder - Pudding for breakfast - yes please! This is a new fave addition to my can’t live without daily breakfast protein shake - the salted caramel is delicious. 

Shreddy Greens  - Another sneaky way to get your greens in without buying a tonne of asparagus. 

Wearable Weights - I’ve been doing Bryony Deery’s accountability challenge (Pilates workouts) this month, so my weights have been used most days! If you are on the January fitness train but don’t have much time to actually dedicate to workouts and instead want to make a long term commitment to improving your strength, core and fitness, then you can always just add weights to your daily activities. 

The productivity method I downloaded the digital planner from TPM in December to work out my goals (and my Christmas shopping and meal planning), and it’s the best way to brain dump whilst also being organised. The TDT (to do table) is a daily ritual for me now.

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