One minute wellness: facial massage

Unless you’ve been living under a social media-free rock lately, you’re most probably already aware of the at-home facial massage. We totally get that it isn’t a new fad which is why this everyday practice sits firmly at the top of our must-do feel-good factor fixes. And why we’re here trying to get you onboard too! 

Not only does incorporating the meditative act of facial massage into your daily routine evoke peace and calmness but it is also known to create rejuvenating effects, boost circulation, increase lymphatic drainage, encourage hydration in deeper layers of your skin, and create a lifting effect so you can start the day with your best face forward. Not to be cliche, but honestly, what’s not to love about something so simple yet effective?

If the instant facelift and visible differences aren’t enough to add this few minutes into your routine, then take a read-through and learn more about why we love facial massage and how to best achieve results.


rose quartz gua sha facial tools

Tools, no tools, up to you

The best thing about facial massage is you can do it anytime, anywhere, with no tools. All you need is your hands and ideally, some lubricant. If au naturale is your style, you do you boo. But if you like to elevate the experience and really achieve results, we recommend a facial oil and a gua sha, which will give you the added pressure for those long, firm movements and the oil will increase hydration while you go. 

To boost circulation and create an added glow, try incorporating a facial cupping tool as well.


facial oil on pink background

Create “slip” 

Don’t be shy. Lube that beautiful face up to really reap the benefits of the facial movements. Creating a lubricated surface will encourage smooth movements of the tools/fingers and will simultaneously hydrate your skin. As we said, we love facial oil but honestly, water or natural oils can work as well. Try a one-minute facial in the shower tomorrow morning while your conditioner sets in. 


facial massage illustration guide

Always move towards your lymph nodes

Areas near the ears, under the chin, and down the sides of our necks contain lymph nodes. The goal is to not just move the lymphatic fluid around but to also drain it. Encouraging the fluid to move back towards the lymph nodes with long, firm, continuous movements is key. Getting rid of lymphatic fluid will instantly de-puff and help you achieve the fresh as a daisy look no matter how much sodium you may have had the night before. 

Don’t forget your neck 

Real talk ladies and gentlemen, one of the first places to show our age/skin damage is our neck. If you’re not going to incorporate the neck into your routine, you may as well forget the whole thing in our humble opinion. Everything you do for your face (sunscreen, oils, massage, cupping) needs to also happen on your neck. Use a Gua Sha to keep the lymphatic fluids moving down and out by continuing the movement all the way down to your collarbone. 

Have you tried facial massage and felt it's worth the hype? Let us know what you think by sharing your experience @sorbet_wellness.



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