Feeling good should feel good.

We're firm believers of the feel good factor.

We're on a mission to help you feel good by incorporating easy habits to support your wellbeing in our busy lives. 

Your wellness is our why.

Say goodbye to feeling overwhelmed, and hello to feeling well.

We're over complex routines none of us truly have time for in our busy lives. And we're here for wellbeing that's easy, becomes part of our day to day.. and feels good. 

"Wellness is about committing
to positive habits that help us
feel good all the time,
not just for 5 minutes."

Elle, founder, Sorbet Wellness

It's the little things.

Think small daily habits to brighten your day and improve your wellbeing.

That 5 minute face lift in the shower, the extra hours' sleep in a comfy bed, or that first cup of tea to start the day.

No overhauls, short term fads or quick fixes. Just habits that are made to stick.

The cabinet appeal is real.

Wellness isn't just a feeling, it's an experience.

We want you to love using your products. That means they need to be easy to use and even easier to incorporate into your home and lives.

For us, it's personal.

We want you to love your products, use them, and get results.

That's why we've tried and tested each and every product against our criteria and done our research.

But we're also here for the data. So we cut through over-complicated wellness jargon, oms and gongs, and serve you up the facts.