Sorbet Wellness

Daily Glow Body Brush


Sorbet’s Daily Glow Body Brush is a simple but highly effective way to detox your body and improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, brighten your skin's appearance and even reduce cellulite. Use regularly to buff away dead skin cells and prime your skin to better absorb serums and creams. Made with natural bristles and a cotton strap for easy use and storage. 

A simple, one minute addition to your shower routine leaving your skin smooth and energised. 

  • Exfoliate
  • Tone & sculpt 
  • Improve lymphatic drainage
  • Unblocks pores

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  • Exfoliate dead skin cells
  • Better absorb creams and serums
  • Lymphatic drainage
  • Reduce cellulite
  • Unblock pores
  • Improve blood circulation
  • Relieve stress

Feel Good Guide: How To Use

Start at the soles of the feet and massage the skin in circular motions with the brush working your way up towards the groin. Then start at the palms and work towards the armpits in circular motions. Rinse off your skin in shower.

Product Features

  • Natural boar bristles
  • Anti slip cotton strap
  • Sustainable polished wooden handle
  • Cotton canvas bag for easy storage

Materials and Care

When using for the first time, soak in water for 10-20 minutes, then dry the brush and start using. After using, dry off brush and then easily hang in your bathroom using the cotton strap, or store away in your cotton canvas bag. Made with natural wood, cotton canvas strap, natural boar bristles & eco friendly plastic.