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Wearable weights - Pistachio


This weighted wristband is the answer to anyone struggling to make time for elaborate fitness routines and lifestyle changes by bringing the workout to you (with style).

At just 1lb each, these easily adjustable weights can be incorporated into your daily activities to enhance resistance whilst burning fat, increasing your heart rate and building muscle.

Add these bangles to your daily activities such as walking, running and around the house or to your workout from yoga and dance, pilates and barre to cardio and strength training rather than transporting awkward traditional dumbbells. Inclusive and suitable for all - fully adjustable to any wrist or ankle with a handy velcro strap (and you can always double up for an extra burn).

Made from galvanised iron covered in smooth silicone skin in delicious sorbet colours and bound by an athletic elastic with a velcro closure. 

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