Meet Elle George, Sorbet’s founder

For years, Elle has tried every wellness 'fad' out there in search of ways to make her just feel…better. Over time, and after many a detox or overhaul whilst down a wellness rabbit hole, she realised that it was the small lifestyle changes that felt good to the core which she stuck with, became part of her routine and brought results. The 5 minute face lift in the shower with her facial sculpting tool, catching up on some emails under a weighted blanket, silently doing breathwork whilst on the school run.

“I created Sorbet because I discovered the power of making small changes to my daily routine and habits and how they could make big impact on my wellbeing inside and out. After years of investing in my wellbeing, I grew tired of wasting money trying the latest fads in self care- either low quality products, things that didn’t bring results, and even more tired of that overwhelming feeling of needing to overhaul my routine every year and make huge changes with which I would inevitably fail”

“Wellness is about committing to positive habits that help us feel good all the time, not for 5 minutes, so I don’t believe in short-term fads, single use ‘fixes’ or products which aren’t a pleasure to use.”

So, Sorbet takes a fresh approach: we fuse highly effective, innovative and well-made products with beautiful design and refreshing colours to help our customers fall in love with their wellness investments and therefore truly use them. Oh, and not without a bit of fun too.

Our Vision

At Sorbet, we’re building a global movement of habitual commitment to wellness, balance and self care across all areas of our lives.

We believe that if you love something, and it’s built to last, you will use it more and see results.

That’s why our products are designed with function, fun and the feel good factor in mind.

What’s to love about Sorbet?

You buy benefits, we sell results. How do we get results?
Our 1 year warranty. We offer a one year limited warranty on all our products

feel good factor: we want you to love our products so much that they are a part of your daily lives and never get put away in a cupboard and forgotten. We want them to delight, and evoke feelings of ‘want’ rather than ‘should’. But we don’t stop there…

cabinet appeal: cutting-edge wellness products, without the fads - or the medical/ uber niche stuff. we’re bringing you our favourite things to support your wellbeing needs and made them to fit into busy lives.

never let it melt: we don’t want you to buy our products and not use them, so it’s our mission to show you more than a product’s benefits, but show you how to get them so you create habits for better wellbeing.

built to last/ designed for life we aren’t here for things that break in 5 minutes or create unnecessary waste. but we also want them to suit your busy lives.